Working out the video



Today is Thursday, and I’m working on my video, making sure that the kinks are all worked out. Rendering takes so LONG! OMG, I wish it would go faster. I’ll have an idea and it will take about 5 min to put the video in, then 5 min to change anything, so If I want to change 3 things then there is 15 min right there, Then it doesn’t look like I wanted it to, so then I have to undo it all…Not fun. I think that it is coming along just the same though. I have already made sure the videos are the same size and placement. Now I want to start working on the sound. I have a lot of ideas about the sounds, like have my father say where he is, and have to sound move back and forth, but also maybe add him talking in the background, but have it soft so you can barely hear him. I’m also going to add a car door opening sound at the end of my video.

Takes a long time. I’m going to be working on this over the weekend as well. Hopefully I will be able to do all the changes needed.


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