Final video


Okay. After a lot of working on this video I think I have made it work out.

Here is my statement about my video:

I have a video of my mother, my brother, and I traveling to a store called Apples. The drive is scenic with lush green plants lining the street. The trip is a very happy and silly trip that we take each year. Since my father was over seas he was not able to travel with us this year. Instead of being home, he has been working in Afghanistan. He took a video of his trip from one base to another, and I was surprised there was such a huge contrast to what we experienced on our trip to Apples. The landscape was very dull and tan with dilapidated homes and buildings. It was important for me to show the difference experiences a family can go through; using the spit screen I was able to provide a contrast between these two trips. The left side has a bight colored, relaxing, and happy go lucky. The right side has dull mono-color, has an disturbed feeling, and was anything but happy.



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