Video/Tuesday review


On Monday: I have been thinking about that I want to do for my video. I really want to have a comparison between my father and my mom, brother, and me. I liked the traveling idea. My family has always been a traveling family. We have moved from Alaska to GA, back to Alaska, and then back to GA again. Since my father has been over seas (2 years now) he has only been able to come home 8 times in 2 week increments. It has been hard, since our family is very close. My mother and father made it a goal to have a good family bond that has always stuck with me. I wanted to show that even though a family can be separated they are still a family. I also wanted to show how hard and emotional it can be. Hopefully My video will turn out this way.

Tuesday: My father brought back some great videos. I have been looking at a video he has that is really compelling to me. It’s a video of him driving in a humvee, He is sitting on the right side and looking out the right window looking at the desert and a town that looks very sad. Its very contrasting to my video of me and My mom, dexter, and I traveling to an apple orchard, which is lush green and at the end there are many people lots of cars. In my video I was sitting in the right hand side and looking straight ahead. I think it looks cool together because it looked like someone could be sitting in a car looking at the front and then looking out the side window.

I also wanted to try making another video about my fathers living space, but I thought that would take to much time before class, I might try making another video…we’ll see. I’m having trouble uploading the video. So you will just have to wait and see the end product.

Also on Tuesday Class: On tuesday we had a review of our videos. I’m going to fix my video on the review of the class. I need to make the videos have the same size, better title, slow down the one side of the video so they feel more like that are happening at the same time, also make it apparent where each place is being taken; that way people can connect faster and better understand my video. I was thinking about adding some audio to these videos.


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