2nd project






I went through a lot of ideas for the last picture. I’m not as happy with is as I am with the first 2. I used a lot of my natural pictures. I wanted my pictures to look a little like a picture. like a news caster or a random person was able to capture a picture of the things taking over the area. I think I’m going to name my creators cicazares! I linking items in these photos are the cicadas and the people. it was also taken around the same place so the colors and elements are the same.


This picture has two Meghans. I used a puppet tool to move things around and change how meg’s legs looked and in with the adult cicazares. I wanted to show that they were more mobile so I had one standing up. There are 10.000.000 insects for every 1 human…that’s a lot of bugs. i like the idea that if we changed how big a bug was it was alter the place of human on the food chain.

The reason this picture works for me, it because there are 3 things (in a triangle form), it’s asymmetric it’s a lot heavier on the left side. The trees also help lead the eye to the standing cicazare. The colors match up nicely (not sure about the adult cicazare though, there is something off about it.)

I love how this picture turned out. I wanted it to look like someone was taking this picture from the bushes. Thee first thing you see is the flowers (because that’s what is in focus), but then you see the car and Britessia yelling and pointing at the cicazare. I blurred and smeared bother Britessia and the cicada to have it look like it is moving with the car. I wanted it to look like they were driving and a cicazare jumped up onto the car.

The colors match and the brightness of everything matches, I wanted you to have line from Britessia to the cicazare. The blurryness implies movement. The long flower in the middle also pionts to both Britessia and cicazre.


This is my favorite picture and the one I worked on the most. I wanted this to be one of the first sightings of the CICAZRE! People are out having a good time when out from the woods crawls a huge insect comes and interrupts the day. Britessia and Meghan are the first people to see the thing coming. The person taking the picture was able to capture the moment. I had the most truble with the shadows

The line from Britessia to the cicazare is the main focus. You can see Meghan in the background (this is to give the picture more realistic properties). The colors work for me in this as well. Britessia is the main focus so she is a little darker and stands-out well.


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