Review Mine and others.


Devin: I loved her ad and how it worked with contrast. I also loved that “on” was on the white part and “off” was on the black part. The “f” looking letters and how it made a fan look.

Shein: The “Ts” shape was amazing! I loved hoe detailed and how much time that she put into it. When I looked for this letter in the alphabet I couldn’t find it at first.

Meghan: I loved that her letter was writable, I wrote out her letter and it felt like it worked. I loved that Meghan used the “sound” more then the letter throughout her story, letters, and ad. Because her ad was so simple, it made it stand out so much more.

Brittessia: Both of her letters were amazing; I could not find them at first. I loved her “evil D” and how she made a super hero out of it.  The letter ‘d’ had a forceful point to it and it looked like it belonged in a DC comic.

Victoria: Her letter was very different. This letter was able to make different sounds and meanings according to how it was rotated.  The white space also worked for her. She weaved her letters through a key, which made it look like it had depth to it.

Emily: Emily’s Ad looked so great, you couldn’t even spot her letter, like it was subliminal messaging. Her letters were creative and looked great in her alphabet.


My project came together well.  People liked that the ad was morbidly funny. Which is it because its Hitler and Charlie Chaplin. I found this interesting video with Charlie Chaplin as a dictator, it’s not a comedy like many of his things, but it’s really good video: Here is another video of him as a comedian, I think it’s so funny. He gets stuck in a cage with a lion: I love comedy.

Anyway People liked that the ad went with my story of the letter being made from a dictator.

I just realized that I never named my letters, so I’m going to do that now. The one that looks like an A/B is “Abba” and the “L/P” one is named “Ras” after Rasputin the dictator.

Here is how my ad turned out and here is the ad I got it from. I agree, “it’s the hat.” My ad ends up being lighter when it’s printed off, which actually worked well for the look.

I would like to change some things about it. I want to change the smoothness of the ad and make it bolder. I also would love to make the letters look just a little better. It’s like they are almost there, but not quit there yet. I also not a great writer, so I’m not sure if the story behind the letters and as clear as I would like them to be.


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