Final day working on 27th letter



Today I was just working on the final touches on my project. I have to make up different origins for my letters. lol I’m not the best at making this up, but hopefully These are good.

Here is the story for the blackletter:

This letter was originally used in artistic graffiti, but was then transformed into an actual letter on cell phones to help texters write faster. This letter is only used in slang, but after 100 years the letter will be integrated into the alphabet.

Here is the story for the Fax:

This letter makes the sound “lp” like the ending of help. This symbol was integrated into the alphabet when a dictator drunk with power realized he had done nothing to contributed to the nation, those he was be forgotten, so he  wanted to invent a new letter. He ordered everyone to use his letter in schools across the nation. Teachers were outraged at his useless contribution, so they made the lower case form of his letter completely different. This is why the lowercase form looks like a g not a p. History remembers him for his random letters.


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