Almost finished


We talked about lines and how fonts have base lines, x line (where the lower case x, is the middle line), when letter go below this line it is called Desscenter, Ascenter.

We also talked about lining up pharagraghs. This is how we are going to write up our 2nd page.

I found out that you can download someone’s PDF, and I’m able to edit the layers and everything on Illustrator. We went through the process of showing what we have to do, for out project.

I’m starting on my final. I’m going to hopefully finish tomorrow or the next day. There is going to be 3 different pages, one of me letters, one for history¬† of font and my ideas about the fonts, and the other is my letter among the rest.


*command T “text”

*Alining things, go to window, Pathfinder, and then Algn, and then you can make things even.

*If I want to make a image to guide, Go to File “place” and then chose item, then it should come up with an X through it. making it an image on the screen.

*Command R = ruler

I have been thinking about different project ideas and I’m sure that I want to do something with nature or bugs…or both. I’ll talk more about my ideas letter.


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