2nd day of 27th letter


Today we worked on our letters. I’m making mine look like an Aish looking letter. I’m thinking I’m going to put the letter near the middle.

We also talked about layers in class, and how they can be effective. I have a picture of my letter and the jumble of the layering.

Short Cuts:

*To make cuts evan: “press knife, then Option”

*To go back to the black arrow key, just press “command.”


One response »

  1. Describe the unifying formal characteristics of the font families that you are choosing, and how you are approaching creating a character the aligns with the rules of form for that font. Are you following the rules or contrasting the rules? (you have to know the rules in order to do one thing or another). All decisions have intention, and when you can be explicit about what you are doing, you have the vocabulary and justification (and knowledge) for making the design choices you are making.

    terminology for above:
    Base line
    X height

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