2nd day (27th letter)



In class today we are talking about Mac and different uses and how to do basic things. We are also using Illustrater. Illustrater uses math to make all the angles. We have a new project, to make a 27th letter. In this class we are taking letters and cutting them up, to make a new letter. This letter can be as crazy as I want. I think I’m going to try and make it look as real as I can.

Here are some short cuts we talked about today:

*To get tool bar you have to press “com, shift, t”.

*To make things into points, press  “Com, Shift, O”.

*To make the a group of points split, press “com, Shift G.”

*To make group: go to Pathfinder and press “unite”

*Select all “com, a”

*Screen shot: “com, shift, 3/4”

Here is how everything is looking so far:


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