I finished my last project and I feel great about it. The face looks great. I thought it looked really real to me, which is good. I thought this was going to be the hardest project we were going to do, but it ended up being the easiest for me. lol. I loved how all the material worked together so well. I ended up using the paper (to apply dust) almost as much as the eraser. I thought this project was my favorite because it was so much fun to do. I only got mad at it once in the beginning. Anyway here is the last picture of my face:

This class has been great. I loved learning about the different things about art. And I liked that this class made you think in a different way. I know most of my art wasn’t the best, but I did try on all of them. My favorite projects where the faces, and the ‘word to art.’ The face was hard and took a long time, but it looked great. The ‘word to art’ took less than one class and was not really detailed, but it showed a lot. The only project that I did not like was the Marta project, I didn’t like having to take pictures in Marta, but I  think that was the point (to get out of the comfort  zone).


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