On Campus Event


I went to the Student Exhibition. This was really nice. It was all different types of art that students from Agnes made. I really liked the different things that people are doing. It makes me want to take another Art class (which I am next semester). I was talking about art during this, and I found that art is hard for me because I like being good at something and having is come to me, but Art is something that I have to work at and I’m using a different part of my mind. I’m taking mostly Math and Science classes so it’s nice to have something that’s different from that.

I have to say I had a favorite part of the Student Exhibition. I LOVED the creepy rooms. There were these 2 rooms what where something from a horror film. (I love scary movies, and I love going to haunted houses, so this was really cool)

I loved that they had a film on the back of the wall of one room and a scary lullaby playing in the background. It made everything seem so real and it gave it an element to everything that made me feel on edge. Here are some pictures of the rooms:


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