Animal Project 2


Okay, I finished my scorpion this class ^_^ it was really fun. I learned that using wire is really hard. It does not want to move in the right direction. Oh well. It was great. I’m really happy about how it turned out. I looks like a scorpion.

The wire make it look more menacing and more evil and hard. I twisted the wire around so it wouldn’t look skinny, which ended up making the body look like it was moving, Which was amazing and worked out great. Also the twist made it easy for the ends of the legs and claws to be open and look like pincers.

I really liked everything about my project, which so far is a first. I mean I loved my other work, but there was always something that I just did not like about it, but this one looks just how I thought it was going to turn out to be.

Well here is what it ended up looking like:


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  1. The twist of the wire make the lighting on Sharpie alternate– light dark, light dark. It looks spikey. Makes me think twice about touching it. The way you formed the tail twice as big as the body makes it more threatening, like the actual scorpion.

  2. Your scorpion really does look like he’s made out of found objects, but I think that lends itself to the nature of the scorpion, he’s hardened or something. It suits him.

  3. He looks very desert-y. The twisted wire is thick enough to give him a lot of substance, but the lines are thin enough to make him look fast and ‘dry’, especially since he has no solid body.

  4. The twist of the wire makes it looks very aggressive! It is little but it seems like having a lots of power and strength! I also like the light and the dark that the twist of wire creats.

  5. He looks so prickly and like he’s about to attack! I love the curving tail. Is it longer that the actual body? Well, it seems like it’s half of the scorpion (the part you have to watch out for!).

  6. As everyone else has so wonderfully said, I love the material you used from this animal. It’s suits him so well. Without even realizing what animal it is I would know that it has a deadly sting!

  7. I am so surprised that you didn’t end up doing a crab. I like the way your took a simple material (wire) and brought it to life. If I were to see it on the floor I would definitely run in the opposite direction. LOL

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