Aminal Project


Today was talked about making an animal that is at least 1 inch in every direction, but is less then 8 inches in every direction. It was really cool, because was were shown different pictures of different art with the “idea” of an animal. I loved being able to see the different things that where to show the different animals. I really love wire because my dad is an electrician, so I’ve always been around it. Because of this I started drawing different picture of animals to think of what I wanted to make.

Someone said that I should make my favorite animal, which is a crab, but I didn’t know how to make one. Well the crab idea reminded me of a scorpion thing I saw onetime that was made out of wire. So I decided I was going to make that.

Because scorpion are hard looking, scary, and look like something that people wouldn’t want to touch. I make the wire sharp on the ends to it looked less pleasing to touch and wanted to make the legs look more evil looking. lol. I didn’t finish it today, but I’ll finish next class.

Here are some pictures of the different drawings I made about the different animals I was thinking of doing.

Here Is what i ended u making on the First day. I’ll be finishing this next class! 😛


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  1. The scorpion turned out really nicely. The wire makes it seem dangerous, and it is suiting of how we view real scorpions. It looks sharp and menacing. The fact that it is mostly hollow also makes it feel agile, as though it could attack at any moment.

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