Talking about Marta



Today We talked about our Marta project. It was really nice being able to see how other people did the project.Everyone had such a great idea! there was this one that had all round things, and it was on a round piece of paper, which is simple, but it was really amazing. then there was this one that had all different types of pictures, but more like a cartoon, then real picture, which I would have never thought about doing. There was also one that was made in 3D, which would have never crossed my mind.

I really really liked every ones. It made me feel a little uncreative because I just made a book, but even so I still liked the pictures I got. I just didn’t really like the end project. I got made it the project and making it made me made because I have such a good idea, but it just kept taking to long or not staying in the right place…so I ended out making a few mistakes, but I’m going to be able to do it over, which is nice because I really want to make it the way I wanted it to be from the beginning.

The remade project is due on April 5th, So I’ll be working on it.


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