Marta Project


Well I’m going to be talking about Megan McCulloch’s Marta Project. I liked her’s because it was the only one online, which I thought was really brave of her.

Here is a link to her page, so that you can see just how amazing it is :):

Megan went to college night and took different pictures of light. Because it was dark outside she thought the best thing to take pictures of was the different types of light. I like this project because it was different and also I loved the pictures. I also thought it was great that she did not just take pictures of Marta. She took pictures of everything from the trip including her getting ready and making to the High. She didn’t restrict herself to “Marta”, but took the Marta project as in the “whole” trip. This was great, because I didn’t think of something like this. Most of the pictures are on Marta, but some of the best ones where right out side of Marta.

I liked that her project really did feel like a night out and not as a project that she “had” to do. 🙂 And that’s what I think about Megan’s Project.

I also wanted the thank Megan for letting me talk about her project! Your amazing.


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