Works in Art


Today we talked about how different things that can make pictures seem like they are movie or are in motion, by just placing a line/object at different places on the paper. We also talked about how the size of an object can also make a different in how people see a picture.

We talked about how people will feel differently towards a picture by how sharp/soft or light/dark a line is or the object.

I was given the word “Aggressive.” I had to make a picture that defined that work with out using any symbols that people would recognize. I thought about the different things that aggressive meant to different people. I finally came up with this picture.

I thought that aggression usually comes from a different place. The anger that is caused is sometimes taken out on someone who does not have anything to do with the original place of aggression. That is why I have made the black ball grow into something that is attacking something round and soft, and it’s a different color because it also shows it has nothing to do with the anger.


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