2nd day of drawing


In class on Thursday we finished drawing our pictures. After mine came together I felt like it had to much negative space and look a little plan. Don’t get me wrong it was still a hard project to do. It took me forever to finish with the lines and making them perfect, which in the end they are now. This drawing was big on trying to make sure draw what we see not what we think. I had the redraw my picture 3 time and also many little things thought out this process. It was hard to not to get mad, but i think it helped having music. My drawing ended up looking like this: the first one is when I redraw it for the second time and the next one was when I draw it for the third time.

We also saw a model of what Agnes is thinking about doing to the Art center. I really like the idea and theme of it. I also will be glad to see the walls go, so you can see the sky and trees from the HUGE windows.


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