Blind Contour


Today in class we worked on ‘blind contour.’ This is when you look at what you are drawing and don’t look at the paper you are drawing on. This is very very hard. The reason for doing this is so that you focus more on ‘seeing’ what you are drawing and not just drawing what you think you see.

First we draw our hands with our right and left hand with 3 different tools: sharpie, pencil, and charcoal. I ended up liking the charcoal the best. It was a harder charcoal so it wasn’t as messy as the one I used for the chair. My end produce was this


Second, we had to partner up and try drawing the person. The whole time not looking at what I was drawing. I started with Meagan’s (my partner) glasses because they seemed like a nice start. From there I started drawing what ever I saw. It was very interesting being able to see just how long it took and how hard it was to just focus for the 10 minutes we were to draw. I saw many details that I would probably have never noticed before. I actually like how the picture turned out. I mean it doesn’t look like a person, but it looks interesting anyway. After about 10 minutes I got this as my resolute…

Trying to draw what I saw

Meagn as I draw her

Third, we took at drawings up to the loft and pinned them up so we could compare and contrast. I loved looking at what everyone was doing and knowing that everyone was having the same problem with theirs are I was with mine.

Talking about our drawings

P.S. We listened to music some of the time. This really really helped me focus more on my work. I think I’ll bring my iPod the next time I draw. I think it helps wake up my artistic side. J


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