Second Chair



Here is part two to the “Chair Project”!!

The next class after making the first chair, I was shown how to use a string to see the angles and proportions. (For thoughts that don’t know that means: It means you hold a sting out and use it like a ruler/compose (like in math)). Truest me it helps, as you will be able to see in my next drawing. We were instructed to make the same chair and to use the string to help. I choose to draw in a different the chair in a different angle. Here is a picture of what I was looking at:

It was really hard to just start this drawing because I didn’t know where to begin, but I choose to start on the left leg closest to me because it was straight. I figured that would be the safest place to start.

It took a while figuring out what the proportions of everything was on the chair, but I think I got it in the end (or at least to the best of my abilities at the moment). I thought that I finished it in about 3 hours, when I went back and looked at my drawing I realized that it was not finished. After sometime away from the drawing I could see many different errors in angles and proportions (I guess taking a break is a must in Art).

I fixed a lot of things and changed half of the lines, but I think the end product was good. Something that I majorly changed was the chair’s base. On the first picture below you can see that the leg and base was off. And in the second picture below you can see that I was able to fix it…kinda. So all and all I draw the chair in about four hours.


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