Both Chairs



This post is about the last two posts. I wanted to talk about the two different drawings and talk about how the first drawing was improved from the second drawing.

Drawing these chairs was actually harder then I thought it would be, but the string made it a lot easier to see what the angles where and how the chair was really shaped. I found that I was almost drawing what I thought was right in the first picture. In the second picture I caught myself doing the same thing, but I think I was able to decrease that the second time around.

I haven’t used charcoal before, so that was also interesting. I was able to see how dark things got (some of my lines are thick because I couldn’t erase the lines all the way). I also found out that the charcoal gets everywhere, so wear cloths that aren’t that important.

I think the most imported thing is found was that walking away from a drawing for a while is a good idea. I saw many mistakes after coming back to the second drawing. *note to self: Breaks are a must*


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